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Leveling Food Preparation and Fishing 1-375 together. See Kah Mistrunner in Thunder Bluff and teach reef fishing. You are able to question a guard for all the actual locality.

Leveling Food Preparation and Fishing 1-375 together. See Kah Mistrunner in Thunder Bluff and teach reef fishing. You are able to question a guard for all the actual locality.

Two creatures with one stone

Within this food preparation and day fishing grading guide, you’ll find out the fastest option to level cooking and angling along all the way up from 1 to 300. You’re going to be using only stuff that can be had with day fishing or at companies.

If you only want to stage day fishing, you can easily sit at any fishable drinking water in the arena and you will definitely receive skill guidelines all the way to 300. Throughout this manual, always useful fishes obtain until you have prepared these people.

Dishes you will need

Find Kelsey Yance in Booty Bay to get the below formulas from him:

  • Recipe: Mithril Head Bass
  • Recipe: Filet of Redgill

When you’re in this article, you should also receive the guide that train locomotives day fishing 150-225 from Old Man Heming in buttocks compartment. Moreover, you will have to come dish: Baked fish from one for the correct distributors:

  • Association: Vivianna on very north end associated with the Feathermoon Stronghold.
  • Horde: Sheendra Tallgrass in Feralas at Camp Mojache.

Typical Preparing & Angling Grading Guidebook 1 – 300

1-75 Mulgore / Elwynn Woods


Next Buy to as a result of meals from Naal Mistrunner, whos standing up near the close cooking trainer:

  • Meal: Brilliant Smallfish
  • Recipe: Longjaw Dirt Snapper

Currently discover Aska Mistrunner, practice preparing and get the meal: Bristle Whisker Catfish from Naal Mistrunner, near this lady. Currently beginning boating from Stonebull Lake in Mulgore unless you go skill 75.


See Arnold Leland in Stormwind and train day fishing, you could question a protect for directions. Pick the appropriate meals from Catherine Leland, waiting adjacent to your:

  • Recipe: Incredible Smallfish
  • Recipe: Bristle Whisker Catfish

Visit Goldshire and train preparing from Tomas for the Inn, after that select Tarynn Bouden in the heart of Goldshire acquire Recipe: Longjaw Mud Snapper. So you should beginning boating in a lake near Goldshire to truly get your boating experience as much as 75.

75-165 Thunder Bluff / Stormwind


Go back to Thunder Bluff and fish during the lake outside the Auction House until you contact boating ability 165. You may get natural Brilliant Smallfish and Longjaw soil Snapper that you just need to cook your food.


Return to Stormwind and fishes from inside the waterways until such time you contact reef fishing ability 165. You’ll get fresh fantastic Smallfish and Longjaw dirt Snapper that you needs to cook.

Creating Food

  • 1-50 practice menu: incredible Smallfish and fix it and soon you get to skill level 50.
  • 50-100 Learn Recipe: Longjaw Dirt Snapper

do not disregard to coach your own preparing before you reach 75. Obtain the adhering to dish before you leave for Western Plaguelands:

  • Alignment: Meal: Curiously Delicious Omelet from Kendor Kabonka in Stormwind Town.
  • Horde: meal: Hot Lion Chops from Zargh in Northern Barrens right at the intersection.

165-225 Western Plaguelands

Move the the american Plaguelands and fishes indeed there for natural Bristle Whisker Catfish and sore Mithril mind Trout(needed afterwards). You can use Dustwallow Marsh and fishes in inland water (not through the ocean!) for its natural Bristle Whisker Catfish, though keep in mind you nonetheless still need the uncooked Mithril mind Trout!


  • 100-175 realize dish: Bristle Whisker Catfish and cook they device 175.

You will need to prepare you cooking skill once again before you reach 150, this means you dont free on any ability information. To skill reef fishing after 225, you want to do a quest known as “Nat Pagle, severe Angler” for Nat Pagle in Dustwallow Marsh. They are on an area through the gulf area.

225-300 East Plaguelands

Proceed east into the Eastern Plaguelands and seafood here. Put those fishes obtain below, you will need these people. To knowledge food preparation after 225, you’ve got to do a quest labeled as “Clamette Surprise” for Dirge Quikcleave in Gadgetzan – Tanaris.


  • 175-225 Learn Recipe: Mithril mind bass and make them until 225.
  • 225-250 discover Recipe: Filet of Redgill and prepare meals it!
  • 250-275 Go to Undercity/Ironfore and educate the cooking for Poached Sunscale fish and Nightfin dish from the coach. After that prepare meals your Sunscales and Nighfins you fished earlier on.
  • 275-300 determine dish: Baked fish and prepare meals your own Salmon and soon you achieve 300!

Remember that you could have to go back and forward between east Plaguelands along with your individual urban area if you should can’t put plenty of fish initially.

Welcome on Cooking and Fishing 300!

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